Hello, a bit about me:

My name is Brittany Van Den Top, and I provide SCI special education services for students from grades 9-12. For me, teaching is an opportunity to change the future and help students understand and tap into their potential. While this is my fourth year teaching in special education, I did not always teach special education; the English language was my first calling in the profession. I taught for two years before realizing I need to teach more than English. The opportunity arose, and it was the best decision to switch to special education. 


While I love to teach, I also enjoy spending as much time as possible with family and friends. During the summer months, you can find me at the lake soaking up the sun or catching some fish! I try to remain as active as possible, taking hikes and spending time outside when the weather permits. During the winter months, I am usually curled up with a good book or binging on a new TV show! 



Ext. 2248

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